Grover Locking tuners


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Nov 11, 2014
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I have and love Grover locking tuners, I have them on a Schecter....but generally I find them a bit heavy for an SG. But then again, every SG is different so it really depends on the guitar.

Col Mustard

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Sep 29, 2009
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Tucson AZ
Fascinating thread... I have Gotoh Locking tuners on one of my Epiphones, and Grover Locking tuners on the other.

The Grover Locking tuners work great, I bought the 6 in line minis for my '06 MIM Telecaster. Poke the string through
and tune to pitch. No hassle, no struggle, and they stay in tune really well. I think they are made in China now, but
they seem to be excellent quality.

But they were too heavy for the Tele, even though it weighs 8 pounds. I struggled with a head heavy telecaster (which sounds like a real unhappy situation, doesn't it?) for a while and then admitted I'd done my guitar wrong, and re-installed the stock tuners. No more neck dive problems with my Tele, and the stock tuners work fine.

Just for a lark, I installed the Grovers on my Epiphone Wilshire, which weighs less than the Telecaster.
No problem! The Grovers are staying on the Epi.

But check out this page... It looks like StewMac got into TonePros tuners in a big way, but the guitar playing
public or the luthier community did NOT. So StewMac is blowing out these sets of TonePros Kluson tuners at
very attractive prices. Close outs! Step right up! Get 'em while you can kids...

I confess, I bought two sets. I wanted black. And nobody was selling the black tuners off their SGJs or LPJs...
I have been looking for a drop in set of black tuners for my SGs ever since I saw them on the 2013 SGJ.
But I have also been wavering... I didn't really need them, my Grover 'Vintage Keystone" tuners worked fine on
my '07 SG and the stock tuners on my 2012 SG were this same model, but branded "Gibson Deluxe" ...made by
TonePros and the only problem was the snot green. I wanted black durn it! But I couldn't justify spending real
money on a whim like that.
Until they marked them down to closeout prices. Now I'm happy, I have black tuners of excellent quality on both
my SGs... and they work smooth as buttah... So I'm recommending these. They don't lock, but they don't dive.
And since I use the 'self locking' method of installing strings, I don't really need heavy locking tuners.

Now... who's going to buy my old ones at even more advantageous prices...
P.M. me if yer interested in a set of stock Gibson 2007 Tuners, or a set of Grover
"Vintage Keystones," or a set of 2012 "Gibson Deluxe" tuners made by TonePros,
IMHO the best there is. Nothing wrong with any of those, except they weren't black. How about twenty bucks a set?
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