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Ronn David

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Jul 6, 2021
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I am currently going to sell three of my guitars and thought I would see if anyone has an interest in Absolute collector grade 1966 SG Standard , 1963 polaris white Les Paul SG Jr and 1966 polaris white sg special here are a few pics but I will get more soon. These guitars have never been for sale and have been in my collection. ONCE Again these are collector grade guitars and there price will reflect that. If you are looking for the absolute best out there then these are for you. Please no dealer interest Take a look and see what you think these guitrs have there tags and booklets with them the LP Jr came with a dead mint 1963 tweed champ Thanks


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Oct 31, 2021
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Damn, that Jr sure looks sweet. They are all sweet. Too bad I just blew the rest of my gear money for the year on a Marshall half stack and a Friedman head.

I currently have 15 guitars, four of which are vintage, but none of them are as beautiful or as valuable as those. I had a 63 SG Les Paul Jr and a 66 SG Jr with the vibrato. Foolishly sold them. Had the original cases too. You could say I have a thing for Jr’s.

Man, Good Luck with the Sale. Not that you will need it. If you are a member at Strat TALK, POST THEM THERE. They have a lot more action, and we are all closeted Gibson lovers over there.


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Jun 4, 2018
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I’d have to move a few pieces in order to purchase one of these, but wow! Amazing pieces you have there. Any idea on prices yet? PM me if you’d like and I can see if I’m serious enough to put some of what I have up for sale in the meantime. Beautiful, thanks for the pictures.

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