How would you rate the SG Special Tribute 70 x SG Standard?

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by quackquack, Sep 14, 2020.

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    In terms of fractions of the price of the SG Standard, how much is the Special Tribute 70 worth?

    In my country prices are kinda f***** up.
    Also, is anything wrong with 2010's SG Standard?
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    The 2010 SG Standard is one of the best guitars Gibson has ever made.
    Ignore all those who worship antique Gibsons... those are irrelevant for
    the rest of us. We need to make music with what we have available now
    and what we can afford. Lucky us, Gibson still makes great guitars.
    There are variations among SG Standards of course, like there are among many Gibson models.
    But if you have to gamble, the SG Standard is usually a good bet.
    The pickups are Gibson's 490R (neck) and Gibson's 498T (bridge).
    This combination is also one of the best. Ignore all Gibson bashing posts.
    This pickup combination has been used for decades in Gibson's best guitars,
    including SGs and Les Paul Standards. There are tens of thousands of them
    out there rocking and rolling, with no problems... making excellent music.

    The SG Standard is a very versatile instrument, which can be used to play many
    different styles of music. It is built to very high standards, with lovely high gloss
    finish, and binding on the neck, and inlays to add beauty.

    The SG special is a totally different animal. The SG Standard is intended to supply
    a very high quality instrument to a very discerning buyer. The SG special is intended
    to supply an excellent Gibson at a much lower price, so that the hard working and
    underpaid guitarist can buy Gibson excellence but pay less of his hard earned Euros (or dollars).

    So the Gibson SG special is designed to be less expensive. It does not include binding or all
    of the inlays. It does not include the Gibson Deep Gloss finish. These features add cost to the
    instrument without adding tone. So the guitarist who buys the Gibson SG special gets great
    Gibson tone, but not all the decorations. For many of us, this is an excellent deal.

    In the dark and smokey night clubs where the Gibson SG reigns as Queen, the decorations mean
    nothing. Only tone is important. The Gibson SG special gives up nothing when it comes to tone.
    And that is where its value lies.
    April 2017@100.jpg
    I actually own a 2012 Gibson SG special '70s Tribute." I bought this guitar because it seemed
    totally unique. That's what I wanted, and that's what I got. I loved the description when I first saw
    it. Gibson advertised this instrument as having the '70s thick to thin neck carve..." I had no idea
    what this meant, but it sounded interesting. I am not picky concerning neck shapes, and I play
    many guitars with different shapes with no problems... including Fender Basses. I still have no
    idea what the '70s thick to thin neck carve" means, but my SG special's neck is fast and comfortable.
    That's all I care about.

    So I love my SG special, with the satin finish and the '70s style small block inlays, and the mini humbuckers,
    and the "70s thick to thin neck carve..." The tone of the mini humbuckers is excellent IMHO, plenty of tone
    in all the frequencies: Highs, Mids and Lows. The tone of the mini-hums is unique IMHO, so if you want that
    then this model supplies it. If you want your pickups to sound like someone else's guitar, then the Standard
    is more recommended.

    So we come back to ETSG proverbs: PLAY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.
    That's how you know. None of us can tell you whether any particular guitar will give you the tone that you need
    for your music. All we can do is tell you about what we know... and what sounds good to our ear-bones.

    To answer your question: The difference between the Gibson SG Standard and the SG special is mostly in
    expensive decorations and high gloss finish. The tone is very similar (because Gibson designers work hard to
    keep things that way). If you know about EQ, you can make a mini hum bucker sound a lot like a standard
    humbucker... but it will never sound exactly like one. That's why people pay more for the Standard... and also
    because they want the expensive decorations.

    An SG special ought to cost about 2/3 the price of a Standard. ...depending on condition, of course.
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    1979 SG Exclusive

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