Ibanez SG Lawsuit Bridge Replacement

Discussion in 'SG Copies' started by FormerRogues, Nov 9, 2020.

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    Hi everyone,

    I know there are a few people here with some of the Japanese lawsuit SGs. I have a model 2354 with the Bigsby copy, and am curious about swapping out the bridge. I picked this guitar up used some years ago and have slowly been making mods on it since it was well worn and didn't have many original parts:
    - Tuners were swapped out
    - The neck pickup was Epiphone branded
    - The frets were so worn they needed a replacement

    It plays great and I am trying to work out some tuning stability issues. For one, the nut will need to be better cut to prevent binding, BUT the TOM style bridge rocks with the trem system instead of styling in place.

    I am under the assumption that the bridge or the bridge pegs/posts are not original, because there is a gap between posts and the bridge (where you screw the post down). This fit is not snug at all.

    I would rather do a full bridge swap out and consider some graphtech string savers or a roller bridge to avoid bridge binding/string snapping but I don't know which manufacturers to look at. So far, Gotoh has a few interesting options by I am about 1mm (sorry for the Americans here) longer on nearly all bridge/post measurements than what Gotoh has.

    I believe post to post is 7.5mm, string spacing from E-e saddle is about 5.15cm, bridge length is about 8.3cm end to end. Not precisely sure about the post diameter, since I still have the thing strung up.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a TOM bridge replacement for these 1970s models?
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    Not much we can discuss without seeing the problem. Pictures of that problematic bridge and its posts would greatly help.

    BTW, the most accurate way to measure post to post distance, is by measuring one side of a stud head to the same side of the other head. Center to center is rarely accurate.
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    Generally, any metric bridge will fit. But first, try a different set of bridge posts.

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