I'm trying to convince Gibson to make me a carved top sg. Will you help me convince them?

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Emperor, Jun 21, 2020.

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    I didn’t know that Carlos Santana was involved in the development of it. That’s interesting info. Thanks!

    I’ve always been kind of drawn to the shallow, symmetrical, Florentine cutaways of the SBG guitars. I also like the rounded, Les Paul-ish main body shape.

    Every now and then I look at them on the used market to see what their prices are like. They’ve done very well for holding value. The SBG3000 (my personal fave) always commands a really high price on the used market.

    But, my Les Pauls might get mad at me if I brought the “Les Paul Killer” into the house!
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    Maybe too heavy for a girl.
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    Here in the UK there's a dealer who has cornered the market in used Yamaha SGs, goodness knows how large his stock is, but his prices are crazy, and it's hard to find one on sale for a reasonable price, without him getting it first. A friend of mine bought an SG2000 about a year ago - from Texas!

    I was lucky to find my SG1802 when Yamaha Europe shifted some overstock, and I picked it up new for half the RRP. Probably the best deal I've had on a guitar.
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