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Discussion in 'Epiphone SG' started by Darrin Kirby, May 7, 2019.

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    Well, here's the next project. This is a 2011 Iommi G400. I have a laundry list of stuff that needs doing. Overall, this is in good shape, but like most 1st gen Epi Iommi units the pickup covers are roached. It has been sitting so the frets need a polish/level. It plays fairly well.

    So, here's the (potential) list of upgrades/changes
    • That silly black plastic pickguard has to go. I could get a mirrored guard, but I dig the classic black 5-ply - understated & classy - so that's the plan
    • I'm planning to order new covers for the pickups and I'll go with chrome or (nickel if I can find them). I really don't dig the totally monochrome look. This guitar needs some character & contrast.
    • If I upgrade the bridge I will go with a black chrome/nickel finish. Not really necessary, but a possibility. There's a few viable options
    • As much as I'd like a Schaller 456, they're not in production any more and are pricey if you can find one in good nick on the used market. I've order the Epi version of the TP6 fine tuning tailpiece instead. If I don't like it, I'll just go back to the stop bar.
    • I have a set of black chrome Grover Roto-Grips ordered. This is completely unnecessary as the stock Grovers (which are the far East version of the 14-1 units if memory serves) work well, but I like locking tuners.
    • I'm not going to bother upgrading the electronics. This guitar has factory full-size Alpha pots and what appears to be a Switchcraft switch and jack. All are working perfectly. No need to swap them (unless I add puls-pulls for coil splitting).
    • I am going to upgrade the factory nut. It appears to be plastic sp that's gotta go. I'm looking at maybe a ZerO Glide nut with the integrated zero fret. Kind of a nod to the Old Boy.
    We'll see how this progresses!

    I'll add a pic later that shows it's current state.
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    Any updates on this one? Would be interesting to see some photos... :)

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