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    Hi All,

    I thought I should say hi and thanks to everyone who offered advice on a 2nd-hand Double Neck SG that recently came up for sale in New Zealand.

    I missed out on it, probably a good thing, but I will get one, one day.

    My wife has told me to "just buy it" when the perfect one appears.

    As you can guess, I'm a big Jimmy Page fan, my son is actually named after him (that's 2 ticks for the perfect wife). I'm a terrible player , but I really enjoy oddball and quirky string instruments. On my list of things to get are:
    1. Double Neck SG (goes without saying really)
    2. Harp Guitar, would love a Gibson U style ($$$) but might have to settle for a Chinese one.
    3. Danelectro Coral Sitar.
    4. A Mandola.
    5. An Ovation Double Neck.
    6. A weird Chinese made Rickenbacker Bass/Guitar double neck for a laugh.
    I've been really impressed with friendliness and support this site provides.
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