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    I don't use much modulation, but some songs just don't sound right without. So I've got a collection of analog pedal on my home board, MXR Flanger, Joyo Phaser and a Moen Univibe.

    I've got a Boss Nextone that I bought for jamming with others and it's a great amp for that purpose. I wanted an inexpensive multi-modulation pedal to use in the effects loop of the amp and keep my traveling gear to a minimum.

    So I had a look around and finally ordered a Nux Mod Core from a place with a good return policy. The Nux did some nice things, but it was just a little too digital sounding for me. It's going back.

    Continuing my search I stumbled onto the Regenerator, a pedal I'd never even heard of before. Watched a couple videos and decided to take a chance. I'm quite impressed, it does everything I needed and sounds quite good. A/B-ing it against my analog pedals and it gets pretty close, its univibe even sounds better than the Moen. The thing is built like a tank too.

    Here's a video (not mine) that gives a good idea of the sounds,

    The bit at the end where he uses the expression pedal is what convinced me to get one, it doesn't matter on the other effects, but the step phaser and the univibe sound great. (On a side note, why are expression pedals so expensive?)

    The only issue I had is the same one many have with this pedal. They put these shiny topped metal knobs on it and they're impossible to read in most circumstances. A quick stop at the local electronics store solved that problem.

    20190428_142653 (733x1024).jpg

    So if anyone need something like this too, I would highly recommend the Regenerator. (It's actually my first piece of Marshall gear ever.) Why these things don't get more attention escapes me.

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