MIJ SG copy with Epiphone Style headstock

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    CE284B07-5E4A-40B2-A736-F0C58D7BFCCB.jpeg 04D29A5E-1429-4707-B74E-BDAA259ED6B8.jpeg 557CC085-8827-4A2F-8E68-B7C84D25A1D9.jpeg 5806B2CC-7B75-4D89-B108-5003B063AA19.jpeg 10DB9E6F-229A-49BD-BB53-174DA2B83363.jpeg I thought I would put this out there to see if anyone has any info on early SG copies with Epiphone style open book headstock.
    This pickup spacing reminds me of very early Electra Black Rock LP copy that I had at one time. The pickups are in metal rings, and closer together than SG’s or other copies that I have seen.
    It also has dot markers instead of blocks.
    It has a pancake body with a very Gibson like bevel on the top.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers from Texas!

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