My custom scratch plate.

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Born to Go, Mar 26, 2017.

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    QUOTE="DrBGood, post: 474311, member: 6486"]Then look up two builders that will give you much better tone than the slugs.
    Tyson Tone an Sanford Magnetics. I have a set of both and I won't be looking for anything else for a long while.

    Look this up.
    Ah yes, I've seen this video before! Both so tone full and inspiring I saw these two before I got my p90 guitar and thought that is what I want! Really great tone and relaxed playing! May I say good Dr. you are not so bad yourself!
    I would be very happy to have my Sg tone sound like boing-boing or Thursday Riff.
    Someday when my new pickups arrive I will give you my impressions.
    They are hand wound alnico slug pickups from a U.K. business called Mojo.
    (Might just listen to Thursday Riff a few more times) I Like.
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    I may need to go have a look at this website.....

    All righty then! This could get interesting for me.
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