NAD Bugera Infinium T5 Head

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    Well, a few days back really. I was able to test it out today. I picked it up for $115. There are a lot of videos of it on line. I set it up with an open back oversized 3/4 pine cab with a 12" C-Rex (Tweed Bassman size cab). It is intended as my "garage jam" rig. I played it with 3 SGs and 3 LPs. 2 LPs had BB1&2. One has 490s. One SG has 57s. One has 57 neck and Dz 36th bridge. The third SG has mini hums. For reference I usually play either a Mesa Mk V or Rockerverb 50 Mk III.

    The Bugera T5 amp is cleanish to classic rock gain. It is very responsive to volume control changes on the guitar. With the boost off it will not really distort if those guitars are on 1/2 volume. It will get to just breaking to low classic rock gain with the guitar volume on 10. It has a pleasent voice with a bit of a British vibe. I was told it has a Vox Night Train lunchbox look. It does not seem so much Vox as Marshally voiced to me. Though in the in between position it has a bit of British chime, even with a C-Rex. I play guitar with volume and tone rolled back to 5-7 as a base.

    It takes pedals well, unlike the AC15C1 I used to have did. The reverb is decent and easily usable. It can get a bit muddy with in the neck, but if dialed in for the neck it is workable. It can be balanced neck to bridge with a bit of tweaking, I just didn't take the time at this point. It will not compete with a drummer or bass unless they have a light to moderate touch. It is plenty loud for a church gig. It blends well with jam tracks being run through a pair of 15" PA speakers. The 1w and 0.5w setting work great. Things need slight eq changes when moving, though it is not drastic.

    I have spent more on pedals, a Hotone amp and other stuff than this amp. This a WAY better for me than the Hotone, or even my Killer Ant. It is easily as nice as my Tweaker 15 used to be for me. It is not my Rockerverb, Mk V, 5e3, Gretsch 6150. It is is a great amp, well above what I expected for a $115. It looks cool as well. It has a nice look to me.

    I have not tried the loop or headphone out.

    It is a killer inexpensive grab and go amp for lower to mid-volume work needing lower to classic rock gain. It is a great purchase.

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