Need help on ID of early SG copy mfg.

Discussion in 'SG Copies' started by Scotty Chandler, Jan 4, 2020.

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    7937B77F-8CDD-45B3-BB28-380BD9CEE247.jpeg 48ABAFEC-FCD5-4768-9BF0-5F4D7F7399CC.jpeg DB3A2AFB-AA72-4E73-A159-F84434397088.jpeg 4A70192B-4764-43F4-9709-C76362554B97.jpeg 56118E19-9771-42A9-BC99-E9AC2680E679.jpeg DEF3C74F-626E-4E7E-A706-7B4D31256465.jpeg I just acquired this SG copy, and I am trying to ID it. I cannot find anything on the net.
    It has a crown badge on the headstock the says Coronet.
    Zero fret, pancake body, bigsby knock off trem, large guard. It has a volute. The neck is made out of laminate, similar to some of the late model Martin acoustics. The body is slightly longer and more elongated on the tea . Bevels are all wrong. The neck and headstock are shapes exactly like a 1972 Electra LP copy that I have. Pups are Gibson, bridge is tone pros, and tuners are Schaller, all non original. Slim taper 60’s neck.
    Small neck plate that appears to be an early Teisco. The upper bout is longer than the other MIJ Sg copies I have seen. More similar to a late model Vintage Brand SG copy.
    I have 4 other early 70’s MIJ SG copies, but this one is an oddball. I will try and upload more pics, for some reason it says that the pics of the front of the guitar are too large of a file.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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