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Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by wearingthegrudge, Feb 27, 2021.

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    I recently acquired this heavily repaired and modified old SG from a friend for next to nothing. The serial number is 835716 which is apparently either a ‘66 or a ‘69 according to what I can find, but some of the details on it don’t quite fit. The neck has been repaired at least twice at the headstock, and it’s has trapezoid inlays but no binding which is strange, and the heel doesn’t look right to me either, nor does the face of the headstock. The pickups don’t match each other and I think they’re replacements but might still be Gibsons, and the bridge obviously used to be some kind of trem style. The whole thing has the patina of an old guitar, but any thoughts on what’s going on with it would be much appreciated.

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    1969 has missing dot over the "i".
    Crown inlay incorrect location for 1969.
    Headstock shape incorrect and too wide.
    1960’s Standards have bound necks.
    Neck heel appears legit for 1969.
    Control cavity shape appears legit.
    The body appears legit.

    Holes have been filled where the Maestro Vibrola was removed. Stop Bar Tailpiece was added in its place.

    Maybe a new headstock was made which explains the incorrect shape and inlay placement.

    The neck probably had binding at one time but was removed if it got damaged.
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