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Mar 24, 2023
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I just learned of this forum, came, saw lots of good stuff, and decided to join in.

New here, but hardly a new player. I've been playing since, I think, 1961 (or maybe 1962). First crap acoustic, then, in less than a year my first electric. A Gibson ES125tdc.

Yeah, of course, did the rock thing in my teens and early twenties and had some small success.

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When, in 1968, I married a bandmate -- now my musical collaborator and wife of some 54 years -- we decided to "go folk" -- acoustic that is -- as we started a family, not really liking where the rock scene was then heading.

I got back into playing electrics when our son went off to college some 20 years later.

These days I still write, arrange, and perform music, but solely for my own pleasure. Usually solo, sometimes with Jan, my wife, or with what I call "The BlackBox Band" -- i.e., programable backing gear.

Blues, rock, and whatever.

I fell in love with the "SG" guitar before it had that name. But being then still a teen such was totally out of my price range.

Jan, made up for that back in 2004 by giving me this one -- a Gibson SG Supreme.


Was it worth the wait? And how! :D

Anyhow, glad to be here on the Everything SG forum. Looking forward to getting to know you all, sharing and learning together!


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