New pedal (trade) day - English Muff’n

Discussion in 'Effects' started by Clifdawg, Mar 7, 2020.

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    I love my Fulltone OCD, but the bug bit when I noticed a guy wanting to trade an EHX English Muff’n for an OCD. I’ve always been curious to try one of these massive, two-vacuum-tube beasts out, so I decided why the heck not. So out goes the OCD, in comes the English Muff’n.


    This thing is truly massive. It could swallow my Klon KTR whole. Besides that, it requires it’s own power supply with its own adapter, likely because of the power consumption needs of something that uses two preamp tubes. Additionally, it’s kinda noisy - again, likely due to the power needs.

    But what does it sound like, you ask? Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. It actually does the low-gain stuff better than the high gain stuff - it gets pretty fizzy and prohibitively noisy when you turn it up. I’ve only spent about twenty minutes with it, so I’ve yet to play around with other distortion pedals and whether they work better before or after the Muff’n, but straight into the crunch channel of my Marshall, there’s a chimey, Vox-like quality to the distortion that really sounds great for just off-clean stuff. Based on the noise it creates, this seems to be best used at unity volume and not as a boost, but it’s really versatile as such.

    Will I miss the OCD? Possibly. But it’s just a pedal. This is arguably a lot cooler and quirkier and weird, and I like cool, quirky, and weird. :thumb:
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    Those EHX tube pedals are incredible! Great score.

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