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  1. M15577

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    Hey guys.

    Long time listener first time caller.

    I hail from Sydney Australia, and i just baught my first cherry red sg last week.
    It is however an Epiphone, considering a grand or 2 is a bit out of my budget atm.

    Sexy guitar... :Droolin:

    Havn't had the chance to play it much yet because of work, but hopefully ill spend a bit of time with it this weekend.

    It is an Epiphone sg special, which some people say isn't realy all that special.

    i disagree.

    I had a quick play in a shop before i finalised the deal and was reasonably happy with it considering it only took 300 (aud) or so from my pocket.

    The main reason for buyng it was it reminded me of a blank canvas, something i could spend a bit of time working on customizing.

    I love to customize my gear.

    At the moment i'm planing on getting a custom pick guard done in the style of the sg special 'new century' with the full body style guards.
    its just one idea i have.

    The other is to get the sg3 style pick guard.

    In terms of electrics, i havn't given allot of thought, i have a Seymore Duncan humbucker installed into one of my strats which im thinking of moving over to the bridge of my sg and then maybe putting an Iomi in the neck.

    Iv heard a few decent things about these Iomi's.

    I have a sg copy bass that is about 30 years old, cant remember the brand name at the moment, but a mate of mine has just recently started doing a custom paint job for me, and i assure you, its gona look F*kn ace.

    Pictures will follow soon.

    I play mainly metal / rock but play alot of other genres, mainly focused on classics, 80's metal, zepp, floyd, sabath, megadeth ect.

    You can check out my music tatse over at

    As long as the riff is reasonable ill give it a shot.

    Iv been trying to throw down some of the riffs from the animated band dethklok.

    Just having a bit of fun trying to play a bit of dark metal style riffs.

    other guitars are both strats, one black one white, the white is pretty much as it was when i baught it, but the black has a Seymore Duncan hummer in the bridge, which gave me a bit of a crunch for my distorted playing.

    Not allot else to say atm...

    My actual member name is meant to be 'M1557', but i got screwed over in the registration process, not allot of meaning in the name, but hopefully the admin can help me get my user name back.

    So yeah...

    Look forward to a bit of advice in regards to customizing my new sg, so if you have any recommendations, don't hold back now.

    Cheers guys.

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    Feb 14, 2007
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    Washington DC
    Welcome from the other side of the world. I'm pretty new around here myself, but I've already learned that these guys love pics.
  3. M15577

    M15577 Guest

    Will have a few in the next few weeks hopefully.

    Who doesn't like a bit of axe porn now and then?

  4. Wags

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    Nov 25, 2005
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    Welcome to ETSG M1557! Glad you stopped lurking and decided to join us.
    Lots of really neat people here, some experts, some not.
    Be good.....and Happy posting! :)
  5. M15577

    M15577 Guest

    Cheers wags.

    I just have to say though:

    Those are some awesome looking boobs in your avatar.

    Sorry if its your sister or anything...  :-X

    [Moderator's Note: Text edited for content.....Family board ya know.][/size]
  6. NeoConMan

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    Dec 3, 2006
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    NeoConMan Compound, Arizona Desert
    Good catch on the boobies M!

    I was on here for a few weeks before I realized what they were. Seriously.

    I don't like cats. At all. Period.
    So I see a cat in the picture and move on. I'm scrolling thru the forum one evening, the wife looks over my shoulder and says "Who's that?"
    "The boobs in the picture."
    "What picture?"
    "There with the cat."

    Oh, yeah. That was a shining moment Y Chromosome Team.


  7. DisclaimeR

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    Sep 14, 2006
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    welcome to the forum :)
  8. M15577

    M15577 Guest


    Thats gold neo.

    Took me a few glances also...

    "What is that cat clawing?...and why does that cat have a human knee poking out of its.... OHHHHHhhh...."


    male instinct....

    drool at all chances posible.

  9. Six String

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    Dec 11, 2004
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    Warsaw, In
    Welcome to ETSG M1557! :) :) :)

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