NGD : 2019 Gibson SG Standard w/ Sideways Vibrola

KS 5150

Jul 3, 2020
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Nice axe. You blocked the trem and removed the springs rendering the vibrola unusable.
You bought a SG w/sideways vibrola just for the looks. I guess to each their own. On the other hand, an aged nickel vibrola ass'y would complete the look...go for it!

My point was that I know the sideways vibrola isn't great for tuning, but I've always loved its look. I already have 3 guitars with Floyds as well as a Strat. I didn't need the guitar for the trem as I have myriad other options. I also feel that the extra weight of the sideways on the back of the guitar helps to balance the weight, which avoids neck-dive. I previously had a 2004 SG Standard with a Bigsby that kind of served the same purpose, although I did use the Bigsby a bit. YMMV.

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