NGD - Worn Brown G-400 - Mod alert!

Discussion in 'Epiphone SG' started by RVA, Jul 8, 2016.

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    St. Pete FL
    Turns out, that small town bars have small town prices! Top shelf stuff was selling for what I'd consider to be "well" prices. Now before anyone starts lecturing me, the rule was I had to be able to walk back across the street to the motel under my own power without help. I got good and distorted, but I didn't blow a speaker.

    Silliness aside, both services were very nicely done - basically exactly how my father had scripted them.

    Back to G400 stuff... I pulled the trigger on those Triple Shot rings just now.
    Also, just for grins, as I don't think they'll make it into the guitar, while I was in MN, I found a Radio Shack that actually still had a parts drawer system and picked up a pair of these:
    Yup Chiclet caps!
    They were $2 for the pair. The mall the store was in was BEYOND Deadsville so it was basically me buying something in a store I ducked into knowing my mother had no interest in just so I could get her to take a rest in a chair in the concourse without me seeming over concerned and also (on some level) because I felt bad for the store employee.
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    NEVER USE that tantale capacitor , they are perfect for logical ans AOP applications, NOT for Audio Crossovers / Filters .

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