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Discussion in 'Effects' started by lcw, Feb 14, 2019.

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    Got the Fortin Grind last night... played with it a bit. At first I was somewhat disappointed, not really liking. Seemed a bit sterile. Comparing with TS9 into a RAT (both set low on the drive knobs) which is hard to beat as those two together just sounds great IMO (especially for that old school thrash sound).

    But dialed some knobs quickly on the amp and fiddled to find the sweet spot on the Grind, and I'm liking it more and more. Definitely a tight sound with a very metallic/glassy, but precise sound. Definitely a more "modern" sound... I can see why some don't like. Kind of loses a bit of sweet tone, but you get something unique.

    I just started thinking of the Grind as another tool in the toolbox - wouldn't use it all the time, if not to say the opposite - ie use for specific sounds/songs. Hard pill to swallow for a $200+ pedal. But I can think of worst ways to spend money.

    Couple clips... nothing special... hopefully gives you an idea.

    First with Grind 'off' (no pedals), then 'on'... just some rando chugs

    A bit of riffing with the Grind engaged...


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