Old psychdelic pop/folk song by my alternative folk project "...and for such a long time"

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    So this is a song I recorded back in 2012 for my alternative folk project "...and for such a long time", which I by the way got some new songs in the making for coming up, after not having made any new material for this project for some years, mainly having focused on my dark drone/ambient project "Fjernsind".

    I am actually really pleased with the song it self, and I wrote it after a period of time over about a year where I hadn't done much related to playing music, and hadn't written anything new or recorded at all.

    Unfortunately I am not totally satisfied with the mix, since at that point I had just gotten a PC after my Mac Book Pro gave up it's life, where I used Logic, so I could have used some more and better VST effects, not least a proper reverb for the mixing process.

    I actually plan to remix it at some point, perhaps in relation to the process of recording the new songs I am working on for this project.

    Though I am really happy with the actual songs and the recordings I did for it as such as well, and all things considered the production is still quite decent, and I guess the lo-fi character it got has it's own charm as well.

    Just that I know I could make it sound so much better if I remixed the old tracks I recorded, and that I still have, and I think the song really deserves it.

    Anyway here it is, "She's a Seahorse" :

    It can also be listened to and downloaded for free here, along with all the other tracks I made for this project: https://andforsuchalongtime.bandcamp.com/

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