P-90 Pick up Height Screw Ajustment for a SG Junior

Discussion in 'Vintage SG' started by Still Pickin, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Jul 11, 2017
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    Hi To All,

    I'm hoping I might be able to get some recommendation for my 1965 SG Junior with the single P90 pick up. I'm trying to figure the correct setting for the pickup pole piece screws. I would believe that the measurement would be from the top of the pole piece screw to the bottom of the string with the string held down at the last fret. I'm looking for a cleanest sound I can get. I know adjusting the volume control has a lot to do with this. Right now the screws on the bass and treble side using the above are only about 1/64 to 2/64THs to the bottom of the string .I've never adjusted this. It's been this way since I got it back from the repair tech years ago when I first got the guitar. That seems a little high for the height of the screws to me but I don't know if Gibson ever have a recommendation. Any suggestions from members that have one of the 60s Juniors would really be appreciated. This guitar has a ton of sentimental value to me. Also if the screws do need adjusted is there anything I need to be careful of while doing the adjustment? I would imagine the screws have not been touch for years. The good news is the screws are not rusty or dirty. Thanks in advance for the help ! All the Best! Still Pickin
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    Welcome to ETSG... :cheers:

    Where's the '65 SG Junior? I don't see it! We love pics... We love pics... We love pics...

    IMO, 1/64 is way too close, and it might be dampening the string vibration too much. Adjusting the pole pieces should be fine. I suggest a 1/16 or 4/64 minimum gap on all poles to start off with. You'll be following the radius of the frets... especially the last fret. Anyways, at the new gap setting, if any of the strings sound too much louder overall compared to the others, then increase the gap at the pole piece. The pup should have a more dynamic and fuller response like this. Not only would I like to see a pic of your cool SG, but also a pic of what the pup looks like before you attempt any adjustments.
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    On P90s the adjustable screws don't really do all that much.

    1/16" treble with string depressed at last fret, 1/8" bass side.

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    There are some pretty experienced players who think the screws on P-90s do alter the sound noticeably. Not necessarily disagreeing with Paul G especially because how much they do is subjective - they still sound like P-90s no matter how you adjust them and noticeably for me and not that much for another player are probably the same thing. Your rig, EQ and playing style are also factors. That said the best sounding ones I have played are "scooped" in the middle strings - with those pole pieces tightened down a bit. Follow Paul's starting point and add salt to taste.

    Also we need pictures.

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