P90 to Humbucker Conversion

Discussion in 'Pickups' started by SG NOOB, Sep 7, 2020.

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    GOOD god MAN DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! If you aren't happy with your current P90s, get a PiO harness with measured pots FIRST. Then if that doesn't work call Jason Lollar, tell him what you have, how much it weighs and want you want. He'll get you the right pickup. Long story short, one of my favorite all time guitars is a '55 LP custom. It's just a beast, but it was $20k 10 years ago. I found a light weight '10 LP Custom reissue, called Jason told him that I wanted to change out the bridge pickup and he sent me THE pickup. After the switch (including a new PiO harness) I A/B'ed my '10 and the '55. The '10 with Jason's pickup was VERY VERY close, like 95%+, in sounding to the '55. I have 4 other P90 sets from him in several guitars including a set in my 2000 something SG special reissue. The harness and new pickups made that guitar really sound like a vintage SG and much better than the stock pickups and harness. I would put it up against any reissue and most vintage guitars out there for tone. For the record I currently own a '63 SG LP Jr, a '63 SG Special and I've owned several other '64 and early '65 SG specials. P90s are magical pickups that cut through the mix better than humbuckers, IMO. So for god sake don't flip your P90.

    RE: Minis, I've owned 2 '65 reverse firebirds and sold both becasue I couldn't get the sound I wanted. And I've played several early 70s LPs and a '63 or '64 Sheraton with minis and couldn't pull the trigger on them for the same reason, they were a little too thin and had way too much treble for me.

    if you want that Mini sound just turn up the treble and roll back the mid and bass or put an eq pedal in front of it. IMO, they are pretty limited in scope, meaning you'll use them when you feel you need an ice pick. P90s have SO much more utility, but they can get you that thinner treblie sound if you dial it in with the amp or a pedal.
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    I would try a handful of SGs and see if I loved the guitar enough for surgery or if it could be replaced by a trade and give me what I want.

    If it's not vintage, who cares? Gibson will keep making new SGs.

    I've tried p90s, p100 and firebird minis in my guitars with p90 holes. They all suck, except the p90, which is awesome :D. Nothing is going to sound like a full sized bucker except a full sized bucker. I also have an SG with fullsize '61 buckers and it's awesome and does what my p90/mini guitars can not.
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    DiMarzio DP Humbuckers P90 sized

    Temp 4493.JPG

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