Pickguard for this guitar

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Bigbadjohn, Apr 11, 2021.

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    I just bought one at a junk sale terrible state shouldn't have bought it but to late now.
    I might have to make the PG can you get the plastic cheap anywhere.
    Existing PG looks homemade

    IMG_2595.JPG IMG_2597.JPG Marlin v.jpg Early 70's Marlin SG.
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    Cool guitar. I would probably have bought it too (assuming a reasonable price). There are tons of places that sell pick guard blanks that you can shape to fit your application, but unless you get really lucky and find a used one from one of these for sale, I think you will be stuck with either using what you have or making a new one from a blank stock.

    Unless you are looking to make it a wall art piece, I would start by getting it set up to play good first. The existing guard may be "ugly", but it appears to still be doing it's job. Once it is playing as good as it can I would re-evaluate how it fits into my life and what I might want to do aesthetically to enhance it's character and my enjoyment of it. I expect as it's inner beauty comes out, that character may guide me in a different direction than I expect for how it should look.

    Who knows, if the guitar turns out to be a "grunge monster", you may find the pickguard that is on it may suit it's personality perfectly! :D The key IMO is to find the full playing potential of an instrument like this first and see if it is something you want to pursue a relationship with long term, and what that relationship might be before committing to aesthetic overhauls. The best part about an instrument like this is that you can build something special, and the best road to doing that will be to start from the existing foundation and slowly build up to it's final glory. Take your time, and enjoy the entire process of making something unique.

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