Pickup mounts for vintage SG standard reissue.


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Nov 30, 2020
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Can anyone recommend higher end pickup mounts for a 61 SG standard reissue? I’ve always felt the black plastic mounts look cheap. This includes the plastic plate between the neck and the neck pickup.

For example the humbucker mounts on PRS
Guitars look much nicer.

Thanks to all for reading my post.

Corporal Scratchy

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Apr 23, 2016
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You might like to have a look at Creamtone Vintage Design.

I recently bought an upgrade kit for my 2019 SG Standard 61 from them, comprising of a wide bevel pick guard, Les Paul embossed TRC and replacement plastic plate between neck and neck pickup, which they call a replacement tenon cover. I wasn't too bothered about the tenon cover, but put it on anyway and it does look better than the one originally supplied.

I'm quite happy with my existing pickup mounts, but Creamtone also supply vintage-correct replacements.

Creamtone might not be the cheapest, but I've found that the quality of the various replacement parts I've sourced from them in recent years to be first class and their customer service to be excellent.

Finally, it might be worth noting that the replacement parts are also suitable for the older '61 RI models.

Good luck & happy hunting!