Putting images in your posts, Do's and Don'ts.

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    Including images in your posts.

    Images included in posts must meet two criteria. First they must be web-viewable, that is, you must be able to link to the image for it to be seen with your post. Second, it must be no larger than 640x480 pixels.

    Lets take the second item first. Try to limit the size of your images to 640x480. Excessively large images will widen the overall width of all the posts on that page, and make reading text difficult, as the text will run off the screen. There is a freeware program called Photogadget that you can do a google search on, and download. Use that to easily make your images fit the maximum 640x480.

    Now for the first item. Your images must be web-viewable.... or put another way, they must be able to be linked to. There are three ways of doing this. One is to link to an already existing image out on the web someplace. The advantage with this method is that the image is not taking up additional service space someplace, and that if the viewer looks at the image properties, they might decide to go to that website and read or look at more images. The disadvantage is that if that website moves or changes or deletes its image, then your link is no longer valid, and the image will no longer show in the post.

    Another way is to serve the image yourself. If you have a fairly speedy Internet connection (forget it if you're on dial-up) then you can use a simple web server (also known as http server) to serve your images from your own computer. This tends to work well if you always have an Internet connection, and your serving computer is always on. If not... then....

    The last, and perhaps the safest, way to serve images is to open up a free account at Photobucket, give public viewing access to that account, and post your images there. Then you can link to those images.

    In all of the three cases above - remember - SIZE MATTERS. Don't go overboard on size!

    How do you link to an image? Easy! You'll need to know the complete web location of the image. In most browsers you can right click on the image, and "save link location" or "save image location". Then, in your post, just click on the "IMG" box under the subject line, right click to paste the image location after the "[​IMG]" (without the quotes) before and after the web location you paste (or write) in.

    You can use the "preview" function before actually submitting your post, to make sure the link is working. If the image shows, you're all set. If not, you'll need to edit the web address (perhaps to make it complete, ie, including the http:// in front of the www......)

    If your post contains an image that doesn't follow the above advice it is subject to being modified or deleted.

    And thats it!

    [size=12pt]*** For those members who are at the Enthusiast level of Supporter and above, you can now upload your images directly in the post.[/size]

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