Queen on air (couplete BBC sessions)

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    I just heard this 2 CD complication for the second time today. It includes 6 sessions the band had at the BBC. Five were recorded between February '73 and October '74, just before their big breakthrough single "Killer Queen" soared in the charts. The 6th session was recorded on October '77 before the release of their multi platinum disc "News Of The World". This music is very, very different from the lighter 80's stuff they're sometimes remembered for. They made some killer hard rock with symphonic and progressive leanings in their earlier years. Even the '77 session, with more straight ahead material, includes a fast version of "We Will Rock You" that showcases the band embracing the energy of Punk Rock. I would say that almost everything they recorded between 1972 and 1980 is terrific (especially their first four albums). Oh, and Brian May's cranked Vox AC30 sounds fantastic. I think I will even check out a Vox AC Custom someday soon.

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