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Discussion in 'Effects' started by Markm, Mar 2, 2013.

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    It looks and sounds like a really interesting pedal. That gain stacking (something I do myself, although I wasn't aware there was a name for it :)) and parallel overdrive/distortion are definitely great features. The only drawbacks I saw were the fact that it's a transparent sounding pedal, so you you'll pretty much have to dial in a new tone every time you use a new amp. The other drawback, I think, is is in distortion side of things. From what I wa hearing, this pedal seems great for adding grit, dirt, and crunch, but not so good for doing really heavy, saturated tones. Still, if you're not playing that kind of stuff then that wouldn't matter in the least.

    Personally speaking, I think you might be better off buying two pedals, an overdrive and a distortion, simply because I think you could get more versatility that way. Of course, if you like the way this pedal sounds, then go for it.
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    I've been playing an SD-1 and TS-9 for about 20 years.

    In terms of OD pedals, they are pretty much the standards by which all others are judged.

    The SD-1 uses asymmetrical clipping and is a little more aggressive sounding. It works well for heavier styles. I wish it had a little more body to it. Depending on the amp/guitar combination, it can sound a little transistory.

    The TS-9 uses symmetrical clipping and has a smoother top end. I like this pedal for when I'm playing slightly mellower music or something that doesn't need the guitars to be in your face. Its nice for slight OD and has limited range IMO. Its great at what it does though.

    Both are great pedals and they work well over a clean channel as well as an already saturated amp.

    The only mods I've done to these pedals is to change the high pass filtering to let a little more low end go through the pedal.

    I recently got an MXR Badass Modified OD and I have to say that I've very impressed with the build quality and tone I can get out of this little box. Very inspiring tones, huge range of OD levels.

    The extra features like the 100Hz knob and boost button really turn this pedal into a flexible tool. It also make the pedal work well with pretty much any guitar and amp combination.
    I can get into slight, jangly OD to all out metal. Using the tone control lets you dial in a mellow or aggressive high end. I really, really like this pedal and IMO, its one of the best pedals to come out in a long time. Its also a very simple design and transparent in terms of EQ with the controls set @ 12:00.

    I tried the pedal with a 1987x Plexi, 50 single channel JCM800 and a Jubilee (all Marshalls) and I could get great tones out of all amps. This pedal really shines for its quality and flexibility.

    MXR has really done their homework on this pedal. I highly recommend it.
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    MXR GT-OD or MXR Classic Overdrive both are viable options as they have a very "clean" gain and roaringly very smooth.I run them into stereo from variable pedals with one side a Peavey solid state and the other side a tube Fender. I can even get that 70's era Rush "All the World a Stage" tour LP wail like on "Bytor" to this SG!.
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    If a boutique OD pedal is not out of the question, the Suhr Shiba Drive may be a candidate.

    Here's my favorite reviewer, Gearmanndude, putting one through its paces with an SG!

    [ame=]Suhr SHIBA Drive overdrive guitar effects pedal demo with Humbuckers - YouTube[/ame]

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