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Discussion in 'Epiphone SG' started by Deibitto, May 9, 2021.

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    Hey guys, love this forum. I have had an epi special sg and sg 400 pro with a boss katana and 12 pedals or so. I then had a mental breakdown or whatever its called when you throw your life in the bin and move somewhere new, thus losing all of it.

    Found a guy selling the same guitar for a good price, 180gbp or 250usd. Condition is much better than my store bought one was, nevertheless I have buzz. Truss rod adjustment ? I sighted the neck and using the string as a guide there is some gap the higher up the board you go. Besides that there was no dints, hardly any scratches, electronics all working fine, tuners looking good, nut looks fine, so sitar sounding high e, slightly low bridge pickup.

    I'm living at a friends so it's only temporary, therefor I'm building back up my pedals and using a katana mini. I only ever used the 50w for bedroom low volume so its practically the same sounding. I needed something portable. Although this time I'll settle for 8 pedals :p tuner,delay, reverb,phaser, 2 fuzz, ts and marshall in a box pedal. It would of been more cost efficient to buy a 50w but its just too big, don't want to sell it to some lucky sob for 50dollars again.
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    Hi, and congrats on getting back into the playing world. Sorry to hear you are in financial distress, but here's hoping things get better soon.

    As for the guitar, most fret buzz is down to a simple adjustment of some sort. The key is to first locate the place(s) where the string is making contact, and then figure out why. Guessing can led to making adjustments that might make things worse instead of better. I'm guessing that taking it to a shop is not an option at the moment, but finding a way to get another set of eyes on it if you don't know what to look for might still be a good bet. If you are buying your pedals from a shop with a knowledgeable person behind the counter, they might give you some guidance for "free" if you are already spending some money with them. Worth a try if you approach it nicely. It could just be a high fret that needs to be tapped down, no way to know from here without examining the instrument.

    Good luck with it. Find the location of the buzz, then work out what adjustment needs to be made. If you get more information, or can post some pictures of the problem area, there is still a chance you can get some helpful advice here, but it is tough to say from what you have so far. I would not recommend trying to get rid of the buzz with a truss rod adjustment unless you are sure that the neck is not straight to begin with. There are so many other simple (and common) things it could be.

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