Rocking my Les Paul Special in the Rainbow room

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    Came up with these riffs on a Thursday night in the course of 10 minutes and recorded them the next day.

    I did three identical takes which I filmed from four different angles with Iphones.

    The tracks where panned right, left and center. Left and right are the bridge pickup of my Gibson Les Paul Special and the center one is the neck pickup.

    I used my Line 6 HX Stomp as an audio interface and an amp sim. It is simulating a Mesa LoneStar amp going into a Matchless cabinet. I also used the Tile reverb of the HX Stomp because I like the sound.

    These riffs are all based on the E minor pentatonic scale. I find that is a very fun scale to use to make riffs because you can have a lot of fun with the open E, A and D strings, which these riffs use a lot.

    I hope you like this and feel free to come with suggestions or questions!

    PS: I was filming this in the middle of the night and had to use the kids’ room to not wake up the sleeping family. Just in case you’re wondering about all the decorations in the room I’m playing.


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