Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive


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Jun 23, 2014
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San Antonio,Texas, or Amsterdam, Holland favorite color in a pedal. Let's imagine that Rocktron had issued this as the Austin Green Overdrive. This pedal would still remain my favorite overdrive. Rumored to be a Klon clone, the Austin Gold's most important feature is the Pre-Bass control. It functions as a bass cut, maintaining the full signal at 10 and cutting bass down to 0. I don't know the shelf frequency for the cut, but I'm guessing around 500hz to 700hz. Turning the knob to 12 o'clock cuts about the same amount of bass as a Tube Screamer or TB clone, such as the Rocktron Sonic Glory.
Unity gain, with the drive knob set at 9 o'clock, is around 9 o'clock on the level control. At this setting, you get an extremely soft overdrive. Increasing either knob will dramatically boost the signal. I believe the boost is rated at around 30dB. A great crunch kicks in around 12 o'clock.

The overdrive is smooth and bluesy. With patience, these can be found on eBay for 20-30 clams, plus shipping. Dig. You may want to paint your own Yoo-Hoo gold after gigging with this sleeper pedal.

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