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Jun 23, 2014
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Much has been posted about this pedal on other forums, mainly by reviewers that don't understand its function. I purchased this recently, aiming at cutting preamp hiss via my DSL100h fx loop. The hiss is low, except for Red Channel Lead 2; however, I like having it minimized when the last hint of guitar/reverb has passed. Hush is a fine piece of kit, and excels at reducing noise once the threshold is reached. It's not a gate: You will not experience a sudden cutoff of the sound, or any type of bizarre tremolo effect that other noise reducers produce when reaching the TH.


I have mine placed in the fx loop, and set at its most minimal setting (7 o'clock), it cuts out preamp hiss, including the Red Channel, without chopping off the guitar signal and preamp's digital reverb's decay. I can best describe it as pushing the guitar/preamp dB level to that of the noise level then smoothly reducing both to below audible level.

I have read so many reviews where guitarists slam it for "sucking" tone. This happens when the threshold knob is turned well past 12 o'clock, which is necessary for only the most insane levels of noise. I keep mine at 7-8 o'clock, and with a SG plugged straight in to the head, is does a beautiful job "hushing" hiss and 60hz noise. However, it important to note that it was not designed to kill feedback. You may experience this, thinking the Hush is not doing its job. Nope. It ain't no gate! For feedback issues, the SG's volume knob rules.

Rock on, ETSG!
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Mar 13, 2014
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Thanks for the reminder, I remember reading the review in Guitar and Bass (UK) back when this came out.

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