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Oct 3, 2022
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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum!
I'm searching for some info/suggest before buying my first SG guitar ( actually i'm a stratocaster player )
(Please don't mind my poor english, is not my first language)

As I tried with another guitar, seems that a '61 slim taper neck is my way to go, but because the store is not so close to me, it's hard to going there and try it.
Is the neck of this model the same as the '61 reissue?

They are selling a second hand SG 2014 standard 120th anniversary + its hard case, the brown and purple model. 900€ for both.
The guitar was controlled by their lab, the instrument works great and they refret all the board.

2014 - Made In USA - Heritage Cherry Gloss Finish - Mahogany Body and Neck - Rosewood Fingerboard - Tuners Have Been Replaced With Grover 102C - Gibson 490R and 490T Pickups - Original Hard Case
I also would like to put back the vintage bone tuners

What do you think about this deal?
Many thanks in advance!





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Aug 29, 2018
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You will need to find out if the neck is Rounded or Slim Taper, since you have a preference. I’m not sure on the 2014 models if it is rounded or not, but in my experience, the models with the big pickguard like this one have a more rounded neck. You’ll have to check on that.

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Jun 15, 2021
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I don’t own one but the Sweetwater description says 498T in the bridge position and a slim neck.


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Jan 23, 2016
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My 2014 Standard came with 57 classics in neck and bridge and robot tuners. I replaced the robot tuners with schallers.

The neck on mine seems pretty thin compared to my Les Paul which has a 50s neck.

Edit: Mine also has the small guard. Guess they are two totally different models?

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Sep 29, 2009
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900 Euros seems like a high price, but it is fair...
prices of older guitars seem to have gone crazy recently.
So... not a GREAT deal, but a fair price on a fine guitar.

I think in 2014 the Gibson factory equipped their SG Standard with
robot tuners. Those were never popular. Many guitarists replaced them.
Someone screwed Grover Rotomatic tuners on the one in the picture.
I don't like Grover Rotomatic tuners on an SG, because I think
they are too heavy. SGs are a delicate balance. Grover rotomatic tuners
might make the neck fall to the floor. You'd have to play it in order to know.
Grover makes other tuners which are much better for an SG, and so
does Schaller and so does Gotoh. Any of those would be a better choice.

2014 SG Standard was an excellent guitar when made...
Therefore if you MUST gamble and buy one without ever seeing it or playing it
the SG Standard 2014 is a good bet.

But I dislike gambling... I like a sure thing.
Especially if you feel that some guitars cannot be played due to the neck shape.
So I recommend you go where this guitar is sold, and play it yourself through your
own amp and pedals, or through something like your own.
That is the only way to know if the neck can be played by you.
Gibson designs their guitars so that they can be played by anyone.
(so does Fender... and any other guitar maker)

In my humble opinion, the shape of the neck is unimportant.
This is because I own and play electric guitars, and acoustic guitars and bass.
I never think about the shape of the neck. I just play them.

I know that this view is not popular on guitar fora. But it is the truth.
Many musicians I know are happy to play guitar, and violin, and mandolin,
and ukulele and bass, and none of us has any trouble with various neck shapes.
To me, the only important feature of any guitar is its tone
...and whether it can be set up properly. IMHO setup is much more important
than neck shape.

On many guitar fora, neck shapes are an endless source of discussion
and neck shapes determine whether a guitarist will love his guitar
or will get rid of it. *shrugs

I don't understand this.
But I do understand that for many guitarists, this is important for some reason.
So you owe it to yourself to check any guitar you wish to buy.
Don't take opinions from people on a guitar forum ( like me )
who know nothing about your music. Gibson guitars are made with a lot of
hand work. So general comments about guitar necks made the same year are
normally nonsense... IMHO of course.

Play it before you buy it
That's how you know.
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