Simple amp/cab questions so I don't blow mine up...;)

Discussion in 'Amps & Cabs' started by alphadog808, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Hey guys,
    First, thanks for all the advice on the 4x12 cabinet. I decided to get it as the price was so good! Not to mention I ended up getting a Gibson SG faded from the guy as well! ;)

    Anyways, now that I have the 4x12, I need to modify my amp and connect it to the cab. Now, I'm not too electricly saavy, so I was hoping you could maybe shed some light on some questions I'm running into...

    BTW, the cab is a cheapy Behringer BH412H...

    1) Are the inputs for a cabinet mono or stereo? This cab has 2 inputs, I can choose either mono(16ohms - 1 port) or stereo(8ohms - 2 ports). I'm assuming these ports are mono...but always good to check with the pros!

    2) Assuming each port on the cab is mono is the tip negative or positive? Depending on that answer, I would assume the ring would be opposite...

    3) What gauge of speaker wire that I should be using to connect the amp to the cab? Should it be shielded or nonshielded? Is there any other requirements to the type of speaker cable used? I heard guitar cable is BAD..dunno why, but it's like a big nono...*shrug*

    4) What is the max length of the speaker cable I should use to connect the cab to the amp?

    Thanks so much for you time and help!

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