Sixty-One Reishoo:where's the 1961?

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Gibbo SG, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Concerning the Gibson USA '61 Reissue SG Standard, what about this model harkens back to 1961 and not some other year of Gibson manufacture, and why is it called a '61 Reissue? The guitar of that model name today, resembles a guitar introduced in 1991.
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    Sep 20, 2016
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    Nice guitars, yes! However, I'm just curious.
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    Small guard.
    Slim Taper neck.
    Some will argue the bevels.

    Never been a fan of early 60’s SG.
    I’ll take an SG Classic or late 60’s SG Special over any other SG.
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    It's Gibson's current version of what they made before.
    '57 classic pickups, one piece body, small guard, slim neck...

    It's simply one of the best guitars Gibson makes. Very likely better
    than the originals, because they chose not to saddle it with their early
    and awkward trem.

    If you want to become ultra critical and start measuring bevels and the
    distance between the Gibson logo and the crown inlay, and if you think
    that the "Les Paul" decal makes an SG into a Les Paul, you're likely to
    drive yourself down Frustration Lane, and for no reason. SGs are NOT
    Les Pauls, and will never be. Vive la Difference!

    Comparing new Gibsons to what was made in Kalamazoo 60 years ago
    is an exercise in futility. In Kalamazoo there was a lot more hand work
    done on individual guitars than there is in the 21st century. Different wood
    was available then, different tools were used, different craftsmen worked
    in the Gibson plant. Likely the lacquer formula is different too.
    There is no sense in discussing the differences.

    Early sixties SGs were weak at the neck/body joint. Les Paul himself
    twigged to this right away... "Take my name off the thing," he said.
    "It's not my design." He said there wasn't enough wood there. And he
    was right. Gibson corrected this flaw after several years of production,
    so the '64 SGs are probably superior guitars.

    I believe that current '61 RI guitars have very strong neck/body joint,
    because Gibson didn't feel obligated to re-issue the instrument flaws and all.
    And that's a good decision. Gibson designers made a lot of good decisions
    when they came up with the '61 RI. It's just one of the best production
    guitars that is currently made.

    Just my humble opinion, of course.
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    I don't see much difference between year to year with SGs to really care one way or another, they are a simple light weight design workhorse guitar that sound thunderous, get them for that reason alone. :yesway:

    Pick the color and pickups you like and be happy!
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