This is a CRAZY story

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by rfiori9, Mar 3, 2019.

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    Warning:this is a long but crazy story with a sad ending.
    I will preface the story by telling you I posted a thread here about 4 years ago titled “what are the odds” asking what are the odds of finding a guitar that was stolen over 30 years ago now that there is social media?
    (I had my ‘65 SG stolen from my house around 1986.)
    So about a month ago I’m scrolling through instagram checking out guitar porn. I follow Gibson guitars, Gibson SG and more, and as I’m scrolling through I see #gibsonsg with a picture of a ‘65 SG with a bigsby and I yell out loud “holy s**t!!! That’s my guitar!!!”
    Now I can tell you I have looked at a lot of ‘65 sgs on line and I have never had this feeling before.
    So with my hands shaking I scroll down a little more and it’s a hashtag with the name of guitar luthier in my town and I know the owner well! So now I’m freaking out and instantly get on the phone and talk to “Ace” (not his real name)
    I said Ace, that 65 SG that you posted on instagram, does that have a chainsaw case? Mine had a chainsaw case and I figured that would be a good indication if it may be my guitar. So Ace says no I don’t think so why? So I go on and tell him the story of my guitar being stolen. He said is there anything else you can tell me about the guitar? I told him unfortunately I was a stupid 18 year old in 1982 when I bought it and never wrote down the serial number but there are 2 things I remember about the guitar and I have pictures of it. I said I remember the pickguard being warped and scratches on a certain spot on the back of the guitar. He says ok I’ll go check it out. About 30 seconds later he calls me back and says “dude, I was wrong, it DOES have the chainsaw case you better come down here right away!
    So I grab the pictures of my SG ( yes I have them in my sock drawer to look at whenever I want lol) and race to his shop. So he explains that a guy dropped off the guitar for service and that’s all the info he can give me. So he opens the case and there is my guitar that has been missing for over 30 years!! Warped pickguard and the exact scratches I described. I almost s**t myself! I even have a picture of the guitar in the chainsaw case with the same tear in the lining. And to lock it down without a doubt of being my guitar, we compared the unique pearloid inlay markings on the guitar with the pictures, an exact match!!
    So I said now what?? Ace said he can’t give me his info the only thing he can do is have the guy call me when he comes to pick it up. So a couple days later he calls me from the guitar shop and I give him my whole story and offered to buy it back from him and he gives me his story . It wasn’t the guy who stole my guitar. I have an idea of who it was and this wasn’t him. He said he bought it at an auction 20 years ago, he’s toured with it and recorded with it and it’s been his number one for 20 years. He said he was going to take it home, talk to some people and give me a call back. So two weeks pass with me waiting by my phone, thinking of my guitar non stop and no call. I thought back to our conversation. At the the time when he said he was going to call me back that’s all I heard but my head was spinning thinking I’m going to get my guitar back and now as I thought about the sound of his voice I knew he wasn’t calling me back. I called Ace and told him to give my info to the guy and tell him to call me back but I never heard from him again.
    So, are there legal actions you ask? For me, the answer is no.
    Strike one: I have no bill of sale
    Strike two: I have no serial number
    Strike three: I have no police report
    I called the township police as I was racing over to the shop and they told me they get rid of police reports after 7 years if there is no arrest.
    So, what I’m saying is if you’ve ever had a guitar stolen don’t give up hope.
    Just last night I watched a video on Billy Corgens Gish guitar.
    Thanks for listening
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  2. PermissionToLand

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    Ladies and Gents, hold your axes a little closer tonight!

    You just got me to check my pictures for serial numbers and some are illegible, so I should take new pics just to be safe.
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  3. Kerry Brown

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    Squamish, BC, Canada
    I keep a spreadsheet with all my guitars, amps, cases, anything music related. It has serial numbers and descriptions. I also have pictures of all the gear. I keep the data on Dropbox. I keep the data offsite in case of a fire. I might lose all my gear including computers but I can still get at the data to make an insurance claim.
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  4. Worblehat

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    Mar 14, 2018
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    Oh boy...what a story! Too bad it didn't have a happy ending for you. As you said: Don't give up hope...
    But also don't overthink it and move on!

    I don't have a lot of invaluable gear but I will certainly take pictures of it right now.
  5. PixMix

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    I take pics of all serial numbers, front and back, and any dings, scratches, and if applicable unique areas of wood grain. I save them all on Google Drive. It might not help much if theft occurs, but it's something.
  6. DrBGood

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    Sutton Québec
    Thanks for sharing rfiori9.
  7. Biddlin

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    Too bad. Here's hoping your guitar karma is all good from here on out.:cheers:
  8. bwotw

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    I feel for you, man! Hope you can get it somewhere down the line
  9. brazilnut

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    Weed, CA
    Perhaps your life has gone better in other respects because of the loss of that SG. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I really hope you've had some great good karma over the years since you lost your git. The guy who owns it now better watch out. His sh^t is seriously weak.
  10. arcticsg

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    Far Side of the Sun
    Man, that's a got to be tuff! Sorry you didn't get your axe back.

    Anyways, maybe I missed something, but what I found interesting is that a luthier, or repair shop, is taking random pics of customers guitars and posting them publicly online, especially if they are only in for service or repairs! I'm sure that guy is not too happy about that. It's one thing if I post my stuff online, but if the repair man or shop does it, I'd be upset.

    Is that the norm? It sure isn't around my neck of the woods.
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  11. rfiori9

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    Nov 1, 2015
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    Yeah he has been doing it for a little while for I guess some type of advertising for his shop but he has stopped since my incident.
  12. flognoth

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    This is not uncommon, people like their porn. Twitter, Instragram and Facebook all have photos posted by the repair person of their work.

    I'm an extremely private person and personally I don't have an issue with it.

    Here's an example with amps:
  13. pedecamp

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    Jun 28, 2013
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    That is a crazy story! You have pictures, I think you have a chance to get it back if you go to the police. Doesn't matter how long ago that guy bought it at that auction, its still stolen merchandise.
  14. Girl_Rock

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    I'm sorry for your story, I always try to remember the serial numbers of all my guitars (I know they are only three, so it's quite easy). It's a sort of exercise for me and something like "I want to know when is my friends' birthday, where they were born, ...". I know it's stupid, but if it happends something like what is happened to you, I'll can give a detailed description, some photos and the serial number to identificate the guitar, so the probability to be sure that it is mine, is little higher.

    Are you sure that the man (Ace) can't give you more info if you go there and speak in front of him? Or, can you take infos from other sourses (instagram, FB...)? However, don't give up, keep a stiff upper lip.
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  15. Col Mustard

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    Tucson AZ
    From one victim to another... I sympathize.
    I too have suffered the loss of a beloved instrument, due to
    human predation.

    Thank you for posting your experience... Many of us will sympathize
    even if they haven't suffered from the violation by criminal act, and
    the loss of a treasured instrument.

    I've never seen my old guitar again, and I never expect to.
    Personally, I have moved on. I believe that it's possible, and also
    that it's a good thing to move on.

    There are other guitars... *grins
    There's a whole world of other guitars.

    I'm not "glad" that someone stole my old Gibson, but if they didn't
    steal it, I'd likely still be playing it... and I'd not have been open to
    finding the guitars I have now... which are much better, I confess.
    So did the thieves do me a favor? NO!!!!!
    They tore my heart out. But my heart was able to heal itself.
    And my mind was able to give my heart to another instrument.

    I'm glad that happened.
    ...because I've now morphed into a 'guitar slut..." which means
    I love them all... I love their shapes, and their tones, and their
    bold colors.

    Cain't help it... No regrets. I've moved on and now am owner of
    nine cool guitars and basses. I've actually sold a few now, which
    I figured I'd never do.

    Anyway, I suggest you take heart, and look around you, and pick out
    a guitar or two to play music on. Bygones are forever bygones.
    Done is done. But the future belongs to you.
  16. Thumpalumpacus

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    Jan 20, 2019
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    I've had a couple of guitars stolen. The first was a plywood PoS $30 acoustic. Mom got me an upgrade for a replacement.

    The second was a Matsumoku Strat. That one hurt.

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