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Trapeze tailpiece install on Gibson SG?

Will V.

Feb 4, 2023
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I'm contemplating a trapeze tailpiece install on one of my SG's. I think the ideal candidate is my Junior with the standard wraparound. Has anyone else done this? I saw an old thread here from 2013 but thought I'd post a new one rather than resurrect that one.

The one I'm thinking of getting is this short tailpiece from Guitar Parts Resource. It’s cheap, maybe too cheap, but it looks nice enough. They have some others but I’m unsure if any of them will fit. This one requires only a 1” body thickness.

I’ve also thought about a short Vibrola, I found that crazyparts.de has original Gibson ones. They’re expensive. They also have the Derek Trucks Vibrola tailpiece but I’m not sure if I want that much metal on the guitar. Also it’s expensive.

Anyone have ideas/suggestions? My goal is really just to customize my Junior but also interested in adding some tonal complexity. I’ve read that Vibrolas and trapeze tailpieces are good for that.


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