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Discussion in 'Effects' started by Guitarist_22, Jan 9, 2006.

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    hey guys,

    i am looking for a great tremolo pedal but not just an ordinary trem. please let me know if any of you are aware of what company might make what i'm looking for. I'm going to NAMM next weekend, to see if i can find one if not i'm gonna have Mike Fuller owner of Fulltone custom make me one the way I want it. Here's what i'm looking for:

    I want a trem that has depth, speed, volume, and wave control, but here's the kicker, I want the wave type, depth, and volume to be knobs, but i want the speed to be controled by a pedal, like a volume, wah, or leslie, where having the pedal fully opened in fast and fully closed is slow, but by rocking my foot i can control the speed in real time. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I really need one for a tour i'm doing in a few weeks, and I need it for a few songs, does anyone know of one??? Even if i can just control the speed that fine, but it needs to be one pedal, and not the POD or VOX. Thanks alot!

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