VST Effects You Wish Would Be Available In Pedal Form?

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by NoiseNinja, Dec 5, 2019.

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    I got a couple of VST effects that I use a lot which would be nice to have in a pedal from to use with my guitar setup, but there's one in particular I really wish would have been available in pedal form, more so than any other VST effect, and that I even would willing to pay a lot for if it was, and that is my absolute favorite delay effect, the NastyDLA.

    Simply amazing effect, and might not only be my number one absolute most favorite delay effect, it might be my favorite VST effect overall, since I, as an ambient/drone and psychedelic musician and composer, use delay a lot.

    And another unbelievably amazing fact about it is that it is all free to download and use too.

    The NastyDLA is a tape-esque delay emulation that works in stereo, and it got an incredible amount of features, such as a full featured chorus effect, for modulating the repeats, the option of choosing different delay times for each side of the stereo signal, and with several different assignable modes that controls how the stereo delay effect works, such as regular ping-pong, cross fading, or joint, as just a regular tape delay with two tape heads, all in all having 7 different selectable delay modes, it also features a Hi-pass and Lo-pass filter, as well as a controls for saturation, giving the repeats a slight bit of grid, and for tape age, introducing a slight imprecision in the delay time, varying it subtly.

    And it sounds absolutely amazing too.

    Here's the layout of the effect to give you a better idea of it's features:

    It can be downloaded for free here:
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    I also love that vst, unfortunately I had a computer problem and that (along with many others) does not work anymore. I have not wanted to rewstore my computer because I have a lot of other stuff going on now, and just don't have the time. I'm sure when I restore it, all my vst's will be back.
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