What year Greco SG is this?

Puck Luck

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Jun 22, 2022
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Hey all, new guy here. I'm looking at buying an sg on Jauce and it's got some interesting headstock things going on. Been trying to research the Greco models and differences, from what I can tell it looks like a Mint collection truss rod cover but with a closed O logo and and crown inlay with the curved bottom, not the usual mint collection inlay I'm seeing all the time. The crown with the curved bottom seems to appear on the newer models. My head is spinning from looking at headstocks and catalogs. lol Looks like a two-piece body. Anyone know if this guy is worth scooping up? I'm loving the wood grain in the body. Looks like it can be turned into a real nice axe.

i-img1000x1000-1655340804drtuer384895 (1).jpg i-img1000x1000-1655340804y92uhl384895.jpg i-img1000x1000-1655340804wh596i384895.jpg

i-img1000x1000-1655340804cd2u66384895 (1).jpg

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