When 1 Tube Screamer variant isn't enough... The JHS Bonsai!

Discussion in 'Effects' started by Chuteboxehero, Jun 14, 2021.

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    I know not everyone loves the Tube Screamer. However, if you do and you've found yourself trying to decide between a TS808 and a TS9, or a more obscure version like the TS7 or TS10, or going all the way back to the O.G. OD-1.... This pedal gives you all of those plus some. Versions you never knew you wanted let alone even existed. It also includes the Keeley mod and the JHS mod versions as a bonus on top of the standard models. While the differences between some are subtle, they are all useable and a few are absolutely amazing. So far I've found the TS808 with a Strat into a fender amp obviously sounds awesome. Also a P-90 equipped SG into the Supro is equally awesome. Then just for fun I used it with an EVH Wolfgang to boost a high gain Randall using the OD-1 mode and the results were thick and heavy. Overall this pedal does enough to justify the price and if you love Tube Screamers it's a must have.

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