Where did you get your start in music?

Discussion in 'General Music' started by Logan, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Logan

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    Dec 7, 2016
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    The St. Louis area on the Illinois side.
    So where did you get your start in music? What age did you start playing, and did you take a break before playing now?

    So I'll start. Ever since I was really little, I had always wanted to play guitar. So, my sister started to take piano lessons, and my parents thought that it would be a good idea to get me to start as well. So I started when I was six, and I played piano for for years, and I kept bugging them about guitar. Then middle school was coming up, and to boost my chances of playing bass, I started taking guitar lessons at age 10. My grandma found an Alvarez Acoustic at a yard sale for $99, and I started to take lessons.

    So I pretty much didn't practice guitar, I just played bass. I had a '70s Charvette bass in a finish called "Blood & Guts" that I got from my pastor at church. Then, at my 11th birthday, I got my first electric, a Jackson Dinky. From then, I really started to play a lot more, and then I started to play at church and learn about guitars from our youth pastor at the time.

    Now, at 14, all my friends have some interest in music, and I just get lost when paying guitar :D
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    Jun 11, 2015
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    My mom played guitar. She was a school teacher and would bring a guitar in and sing the kids songs. I picked up fingerpicking from her, elizabeth cotton style stuff. I played on our 70s yamaha and i got my own martin when i finally got proficient.
  3. dbb

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    I started on a Top Value (or was it Green Stamps) 'ukulele about 1969-70. I got into guitar and bass and was gigging by 1972.

    School band was a help, both in terms of technique and connections.
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  4. Kep

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    I never had any interest in playing any musical instruments. I ended up moving to a new city part way through high school. The new city had amazing music education - starting in grade school All of the kids I made friends with were quite good at at least one musical instrument. Most of them were in bands of varying quality the best of which were objectively damn good. Today some of these people are names you would recognize and a few others are producers or studio hacks on big name recordings.

    I literally got sick of being the only one who couldn't jam. Someone gave me a free guitar and told me I could pay him back by giving someone else an instrument later. That was decades ago and I have given away a good number of instruments since then. My favorite is an 80's Squire Strat I bought new. (it was $330 new and like 600 on the payment plan I used!) It's taught two friends and several of their kids to play. It wants to be mine because it keeps ending up in my jam room no matter who I give it to.

    If I ever get rich I am going to find away to make sure future kids get to learn about music like my friends in high school did.
  5. iblive

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    May 9, 2009
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    North East Illinois
    My parents always had albums in the house. Elvis. Johnny Cash. Etc. But it was Jr. High - HS band where I did trombone. It wasn't till I was out of HS a couple years when I picked up my first guitar. That was a tad over 40 years ago.
  6. chilipeppermaniac

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    Jan 1, 2012
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    iblive reminded me. 3rd or 4th grade trumpet and piano.
  7. Dave Johnson

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    Dec 15, 2014
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    Palmetto Fl.
    I got my first guitar as a Christmas gift when I was in grade school.
    It was a package that came with an amp and a "Play guitar with the Ventures" album.
    Some no name twin humbucker burst thing that looked like an Epiphone Crestwood.
    3rd grade as I remember. Most likely 1967 or so.
    My folks started me with lessons from the local music store.
    It was torn apart, repainted and back together twice before junior high.
    First time John Deere green, second time white.
    My mod sickness started very early in life.
  8. MetalSG

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    Feb 25, 2017
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    I started in 94, a year after I started to listen to extreme metal. My cousin had a Stratocaster and I was very impressed by it. I quit in 95 and started again in 2010. I don't have more than an hour a day, so I'm no shredder. I just play for myself.
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  9. Didds

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    Sydney, Australia
    Up until I started playing guitar, I had no interest in music. I wasn't even interested in pop music. But in primary school, (Kindergarten to year six, I think you call it grade school in the USA) my Mum had gotten me lessons for all sorts of instruments because she thought that all "normal" children should play an instrument. In year (grade) 3 she had me taking keyboard lessons that I did for about two months. I never really got past the "Mary Had A Little Lamb" stage and I thought it was boring. I would always prefer to just mash the keys.

    Then in year four she enrolled my little brother in drumming lessons. He didn't want to do it so I ended up taking them for him. We had these little pads on a stand that hardly made a noise when hit and the guy that was teaching us was just a straight up narcissist. I learnt absolutely nothing from him because, not to sound like the instructor, but I've always had a pretty good sense of rhythm.

    Then in year six my Mum had me and my brother playing saxophone. Again, I never got past Mary Had A Little Lamb (that's a really $hit teaching method IMHO). My brother still has his saxophone and says he still plays but I haven't heard a noise out of that thing since Christmas.

    Then that same year, on my birthday in October, my Uncle who's a guitarist playing over forty years, got me my first guitar. It's a Katoh Spanish Acoustic guitar that I now call "Huevo".
    Here's the story on why I call it that:

    I started getting lessons from a guy on the other side of my suburb. He wasn't a great teacher and would simplify songs for me just so I could play them. Which some might consider a good thing but I don't. We then moved to another place and I started getting lessons from my current teacher. He's an amazing teacher and he keeps me on my feet. And I've been playing non stop since the day I got my first guitar. Just before Christmas last year I bought my first electric guitar that's in my profile picture. I joined this forum hoping you guys could help me make a decision.

    And that's it :thumb:
  10. Gahr

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    Feb 15, 2015
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    Bergen, Norway
    My parents sent me to a piano teacher when I as 8.

    I have three older sisters, and they all were into music; My youngest and oldest sisters sang in a really good choir, my oldest also played a bit of classical guitar, and the youngest one played the piano. My middle sister played a recorder really well. My dad could play both a bit of guitar and the piano, but he very rarely did. He used to sit down at the piano at Christmas, but I don't think he has played at all for 35 years. He's always been like that; he is a very talented guy in a lot of fields (and I mean a lot!), but when he has learned a new skill, he stops practicing it.

    Although everyone except my mother played instruments, there wasn't really a lot of music in the house, so I was never particularly into music as a kid. I took piano lessons for four years until I turned 12, but I mostly did it because my parents wanted me to. The piano teacher lived really close and she was nice, so it wasn't much of a hassle, but I didn't like practicing, and I never really learned to read music. I used to watch how she played the pieces, and then I mostly did it by ear. I would probably never have become really good, even with lots of practice, but I'm pretty pissed that I haven't kept up the modest skills I in fact did acquire. Now I don't know anything at all on the piano anymore. I mean, I can finger a few chords, and play a couple of simple melodies, but I can't do anything useful.

    I didn't really get into music in a big way until I discovered Van Halen and we started learning some basic guitar chords in music class in 7th grade. By then I had just quit playing piano, so when I asked my parents for a nylon string guitar for Christmas in 1985, they were happy to get me one. I didn't take any lessons, but I kept playing it for about two and a half years until I bought my first electric. I bought a guitar book right after I got the nylon string as well, and picked up a few things there. When I bought the electric (May 1988), the guy I bought it from taught me how to play proper barre chords and the pentatonic scale "box". That's the closest I have ever gotten to taking real guitar lessons.

    My real teachers have been Eric Clapton, Peter Green, J. Geils and Freddie and B.B. King.
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  11. Six String

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    Dec 11, 2004
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    Warsaw, In
    My grandmother bought me my first acoustic in 1957. I got my first electric in about 65 at which time I had to do that to be in my first band. And all the rest is history! :thumb:

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