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Discussion in 'Member Classifieds' started by Layne Matz, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Just looking for the best pickups I can get at the lowest price.

    Details of my plans if your interested:
    Looking to install pickups in my modified first act guitar which has been retired since April or so due to two frets being chipped accidentally... while I chiseled a cutaway out quite literally with a wood chisel. I jsut could not stand lack of access to the upper frets. Im replacing the two frets tomorrow. Anywho... I used to have a strat bridge single coil in the neck, a damaged strat bridge humbucker in the middle and a first act humbucker in the bridge similar to Jerry Garcias prefered configuration. I didnt realize till later that that the strat bridgebucker was not working properly, i tried to fix it and made it worse. I put the other pickups in my homeade Tele, just recently added the first act humbucker(which snarls real nicely) to the neck. My routing jobs are aweful but i had no template and wasnt worried about it being a little misshapen- could be worse. Still have to wire the neck bucker in with a new dpdt switch, up is tone/volume bypass, middle is off, down is with tone/volume. Id use a 3 or 5 way switch but I do not have one to spare. I'd like to have either a HSH or an SSS configuration with either master tone and volume or individual tone and volume for each pup as well as on/off/bypass dpdt switches for each pickup.

    P.S. I'm planning on routing out the whole first act body from the back excluding the trem cavity. Then glue a nicely figured piece of stained plywood over it all and cut out a hole for the trem. I dont cover my trem cavities either way, too much hassle most of the time. 20190911_011403-1.jpg 20190911_012325-1-1.jpg
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