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    Here is some old guy rock. I have been being a bit nostalgic of late so composed some an old guy rock piece. Primarily key of G having 4 verses with a bass and percussion break in the middle.

    I used a 2014 Gibson SG Standard for lead and 2017 SG Standard for rhythm.

    I used a Mesa Mk V amp running to a Weber Mass as a load. Line out from Mass went to a Torpedo CAB and it to the Presonus interface.

    I played the Squier Jaguar SS bass into the Torpedo Cab to Presonus interface for bass.

    I played the percussion on an Alesis Sample Pad 4 Cakewalk from Band Lab was used as the DAW.

    It was mixed mainly using Sony MDR 7506 headphones. The tweaks to the mix used AKG K240 600 ohm, Marantz Professional and various computer speakers.

    The Torpedo CAB was employed using studio A with 6l6 amp and 2noteCSB 15’ for bass. Guitars used Studio A and the Brit Vintage C for Rhythm with 2 Notes CSG 1x12 for lead.

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