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    I write and produce so my studio has grown to be fairly decent as it is the tools I use to work and get work . So this is cool Cause I don't think I 've ever sat down and listed , so here goes.

    My instruments
    64 SG Special
    72-73-74 SG Standard
    62 National Studio 66 electric guitar
    58 Supro guitar
    95 Les Paul
    70 or 71 Gibson Gospel Acoustic
    60's EKO acoustic
    Old Martin Acoustic
    70's Epiphone 12 string
    50's National Pedal Steele -double neck 8 string
    50'S magnatone lap steel
    Violin- viola- cello - double bass
    Playel Grand Piano
    Hammond b3 with Leslie
    Mattel Optigan 70's kids organ /but is the coolest of keyboards/ poor mans Mellotron
    Casiotone 701 w/arpegiator
    Old Ludwig drum set
    And A bunch of ethnic instruments that I couldn't begin to name well Sitar {one with sympathetic strings }

    Musicman 65 watt head from the 70's - through a cab . with 4x12's
    SILVERTONE Model 1464
    Silvertone model 1483
    Fender Bassman -blackface and fender bassman cab -blonde
    Ampeg -Gemini 4
    And A couple other fender amps and Silvertone heads

    All heads are house in my studio and the cabinets are in the basement {except for the ampeg which amp and cab are one }
    And all the cabs are miked {various mics and different distances plus in the ceiling I have an Octavia stereo mic that is the room for all the amps if I want }. So all I do is choose which amp head and plug in. Each amp has specific sound which I will use for certain kind's of songs ie... If I am doing something real old school {Faces Stones etc...} I will plug into the bassman or one of the tube Silvertones .

    4x Telefunken pre-amps 2 v-672's and 2 v-76's {these are for my kik and snare and the v672's are for my vocal mics}
    2 Avalon m5's { preamps for my guitar amps}
    Avalon preamp/compressor {purple knobs} This for my main vocal mic Old akg tube c12 mic
    DBX vacumn tube compressor { This is for the basement room mic octavis stereo I use the pre's on the board for this}
    3 universal 1176's {limiting amps for my guitar amps }

    DRUMS are miked as this
    old Electro Voice N/D 408 on the snare
    Shure beta 52 Kik drum mic

    Below mics use the board pre's

    Pair of matched sennhiesor e914 condenser mics {my overheads}
    Pair of matched adk mics {these are my drum room mics}

    Piano mics are a pair of matched MXL 603's {board pre's used}

    MIDI Keyboards
    Alexis qs6.1 midi controller and sounds
    Korg electribe modeling synth
    Roland D-50
    Korg DW-6000


    Digital Performer 4 {Recording and midi sequencer}
    Motu 24/I/O
    Motu 2408
    2 x Motu ultralite converters{for travel w/ mac pro}
    Motu midi timepiece MTP AV
    2 x 500 gig external HD'S
    1 x 250 gig external HD's


    Then all that comes out the computer and into what saves the sound

    My BOARD

    70's Soundcraft Series 600 32 x 8 with patch bay

    Eventide -Eclipse multi effects
    T.C Electronics m/one multieffects
    T.C Helicon voice doubler
    I have a old revox 1/2 inch reel to reel I designate for slap back echo effects

    STUDER A-827 24 track {use on my records and others if wanted / I will not let other bands use this unless they know the songs they are playing and have rehearsed or they pay big fat dollars because if they just messing around then I know I am going to be transferring to computer then editing like crazy . I just do not want to do that anymore .
    Revox 1/2inch reel to reel for masters.

    1 x auratone {little mono speaker
    Yamaha ns-10's
    Alesis M1 ACTIVE MK2

    Guitar effects

    Old Ibanez UE-400 multi guitar effects -the one that has overdrive in it that is the tube screamer with those 6552 chips or whatever it is .Chorus - compressor- phaser- and overdrive. And this I mounted right in the MusicMan head . I cut the front panel out and it fits right under the tubes and transformer . But I had to remount the reverb above where it was .

    I also have a room design for only Sound Effects A folly room . It has wooden floor section and carpet section . All kinds of metals and wood for banging together to make all kinds of sounds I have old motorized things to cut on and off , wooden stirs and metal circular stairs I found at a junk yard . Basically thats what I did is bring the junk yard back to this room .This is where I do all my literal Sound design .When I do abstract SD . I will be mostly on the computer .
    Well thats most of it my friends . My leg has gone to sleep and now Its going to kill to get up.

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    Atlanta GA
    The Owl's Nest

    [img width=640 height=480][/img]

    [img width=640 height=480][/img]
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    My setup has changed now. No more portastudio, I've moved to computer based. Very basic at the moment though.

    Decent spec laptop (running vista. I want XP for it but I'm not paying for it.)
    E-MU Tracker Pre interface - 2 XLR/line inputs - USB out
    CME M-Key midi controller keyboard (cannot get rid of the latency it's driving me crazy)
    Shure SM-57 dynamic (would like to add an SM58 aswell)
    SE 2000 condenser

    I have Cubase SX3, but the interface came with LE4 so I'm giving that a chance for a while. Sonar also came with it but can't figure out how to use it.
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    Mine will be retooled a bit by the end of this year, I'll be switching to a Mac Mini for recording, still looking at audio interfaces (4-8 channel firewire would be optimal), still keeping the mixer. Software wise, I'm sticking with Cubase and maybe adding the new Logic package as well. Will also add a 1TB external drive.

    Getting to do a studio session with a Mac Mini recently did it for me. The PC will be used for anything BUT recording.
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    See"]this post I made in May[/url].

    For mics, I use an AT-3030 condenser, an Altec supercardiod, and Samson R11s (i.e., Sure SM-58 copies). Sometimes I run them thru the Presonus Tube-Pre and othertimes the Digi Rack's inputs are all I need.

    It's really coming together lately. I'll post a track pretty soon for y'all to hear.

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