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Hey there,

I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I saw your post from a few yeard ago, about how you put some lacquer on your Les Paul Tribute DC, and the result is fantastic. I have the same guiutar and would like to do what you did. Can you give any tips on how you did it? Prep, application etc.

Thanks in advance,
New Member- thanks for the add... Early 1963 Les Paul Junior. No modifications- no breaks. Serial number 100xxx
I’m on here to get info on my wife’s guitar center’s 2005 Gibson 62 reissue vos custom shop she’s wanting to sell it also
don't worry! a used strat copy in pristine condition found it's way to my collection today, so to keep me occupied by cleaning it and setting it up, and to be honest, two identical guitars is a guitar too many! happy Chrsitmas holiday - enjoy your new Epi and stay away from covid19!
Would a 1961 SG LesPaul standard have Pat# pickups? I thought it would have PAF labels. Im on the fence weather or not to buy for $9200
I am about to buy a 1961 SG Lespaul standard with Pat# pups. Are they original? I thought it would have PAF.

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